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Since 1962

Our Roots

Lala Deo Mal Sewani was renowned for making and selling the best Kulfi Faluda in his hometown Sindh, Sakkar. After the partition he along with his family moved to Delhi and established Moti Sweets in 1962.

Lala ji's eldest son Seth Teju Mal Sewani and his brothers carried forward the legacy with the motive to serve customers with traditional delicacies in their purest form, as pure as a pearl (MOTI). Moti Sweets had begun to gain attraction in Delhi for it's Mutton, Dal and Kulfi Faluda. 

For over 60 years, and still holding on to the same legacy Moti Sweets is now run by Seth Teju Mal's son Anil Sewani, offering a wide range of 100% vegetarian Indian sweets, baked goods and savoury items.

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